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Welcome to Next-Gen Managed Services from National PC, where technology and creativity meet and your growth is our goal. 

As a cyber-centric Managed Service Provider, we have changed the way companies use technology by putting cyber security at the centre of everything we do. Our services can help you have a more safe and successful future by focusing on people, technology, and growth.

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People, technology, and growth can help you on your journey.​

At National PC, our goal is to help you get where you want to go by bringing together three important things: people, technology, and growth. Our dedication is based on these values, and our Next-Gen Managed Services show this every step of the way.

Your Path to Technological Excellence

Our Next-Gen Managed Services offer a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to fuel your success:
The reliability of your technology is of the utmost importance. Your systems will run without a hitch around-the-clock thanks to our committed support services. Regardless of the situation or difficulty, our team is available to quickly resolve problems and give you flawless tech experiences that keep your business going smoothly. Because we are aware that downtime is not an option, we will continue to give everything we have to ensure your success.
Control is the first step towards efficiency, and our centralised services give you that control. You can manage your whole technological environment from a single, user-friendly interface when you adopt a unified platform. This improves cooperation, streamlines processes, and gives your team the tools they need to perform more efficiently. It’s never been simpler to manage your technology seamlessly, offering you a competitive advantage and a clearer path to your objectives.
Strategic understanding is necessary in addition to instruments to successfully navigate the constantly changing technological landscape. Our seasoned experts collaborate closely with you to identify technology solutions that flawlessly match your corporate goals. We are more than just service providers; we are your strategic collaborators, whether it be for project implementation or strategic IT consulting. Our professional services open the door to technological solutions that truly have an impact on your success, which is our ultimate goal.

It is not sufficient to use technology for its own sake. It must be perfectly in line with your company’s goals. Our solutions are individualised because we recognise that each business is distinct. Our strategy focuses on matching your technology to the direction of your business’s growth. You’ll benefit from more effective processes, greater productivity, and a clear route to technology-driven success with the help of our technology alignment services.

Being able to rely on an advisor is crucial in the realm of business technology. In this capacity, our vCIO serves as your virtual chief information officer and offers you strategic insights that support your technological agenda. We are your partners in progress, not just technical gurus. Our vCIO services assist you in navigating the technical landscape with confidence, whether it’s developing a technology strategy, making informed decisions, or ensuring your technology is future-ready.

One touch for IT issues
Faster resolution of your IT issues

Our service desk takes care of all your IT concerns, irrespective of whether the technology was provided by us or not. This ensures that you have a single point of contact for any IT issues, simplifying your support experience.

Cyber Security Centric
Reach your goals with a dedicated and experienced team by your side.

In today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape, relying solely on antivirus software is no longer sufficient to safeguard your business. Our Next-Gen Managed Services solution takes a multi-layered approach to fortify your network and protect your valuable data against cyber breaches.

Visually monitor your IT Investment

Gain real-time insights and clarity through our intuitive dashboards, enabling you to track our performance, identify common IT issues faced by your team, access IT support ticket statistics, and assess the overall performance of your IT infrastructure.

Strategic Business Reviews
Future-proofing your technology through proactive planning.

Our Strategic Business Reviews (SBR) delivers comprehensive roadmaps and plans to ensure that our client’s technology supports and drives their business growth. We will ensure strategic alignment between your technology and your future goals, providing you with a clear path forward.

Managed Services Liaison
Reach your goals with a dedicated and experienced team by your side.

In close collaboration with your business and our service desk team, your Managed Services Liaison will conduct regular meetings to deliver a strategic roadmap, enabling you to maximise the potential of your technology.

Proactive maintenance
Minimise your chance of downtime

Through our all-encompassing managed service, we ensure seamless operations of your IT environment by implementing automated updates and patches. By proactively addressing aging infrastructure, we minimise downtime incidents and extend the useful life of your technology, ensuring it continues to function smoothly.

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Technically anti-tech

The key to effective IT management lies in having a talented team. We take immense pleasure in helping businesses become more intelligent, efficient, and secure. Witnessing the expression of relief on a client’s face when things seamlessly operate brings us great joy. It’s why we got into IT in the first place.

Your Trip Begins Here

With Next-Gen Managed Services from National PC, you can start a journey of growth and new ideas. With our core values of honesty, teamwork, and putting the customer first, we’re more than just a technology partner—we’re a key to your success.

Are you ready to see how powerful Next-Gen Managed Services can be? Reach out to us today and let’s help you along your journey.