When you fall victim to a cyber-attack through no fault of your own, will they call you stupid…or just irresponsible?

One of the biggest concerns of small to medium-sized businesses like yours is cybersecurity. And with good reason: 60% of businesses, just like yours, will have to close their doors permanently after just one cyberattack, and cyberattacks against smaller businesses increased 425% in 2018 alone. Cybersecurity services have never been more important than they are right now.

How do you keep your network protected and your employees and customers safe in a world of evolving cybercrime? Boxed security solutions aren’t enough; you need a team of cybersecurity experts in your corner to help you fight the bad guys.

Finally small and medium businesses can defend themselves against the bad guys. CyberShield is a comprehensive and cost effective cyber protection solution for small businesses. It combines three important components against cyber threats – Cyber Assessment, Cyber Security and Cyber Insurance.


Cybersecurity is multi-layered protection from cyberattacks for all of your networks, devices, and programs. Targeted cybersecurity support services focus on employee awareness, cyberattack simulations, disaster backup and data recovery, and protecting your network from internal and external attacks.

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In a world where cyberattacks continue to evolve in frequency and sophistication, more and more companies are turning to cybersecurity consulting services. No matter the size or industry of your business, you will benefit from the experience of professionals to keep your network up and running. There are a lot of cybersecurity services out there. How do you know which one is best for your company’s unique needs?

  • Protection of assets from cybercrime activity
  • A response plan following a cyberattack incident

  • A backup plan to recover all lost or stolen data
  • Early warning detection of potential cyberattacks
  • Consistent, on-going evaluation of potential cybersecurity threats
  • Blanket protection of all business-related hardware, including mobile devices
  • Remote or onsite support services