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eBook – AI: Where could it take your business, now and in the future

Many perceive Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a complex, futuristic tool, but this view is outdated. In reality, AI is both accessible and transformative, waiting to be harnessed by forward-thinking businesses. It’s not just about automating customer support or crafting intelligent emails; it’s about gaining a competitive edge and driving business growth. The looming question is,…

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Don’t Let Lack of Trust Derail Your Business

In a world where cybersecurity threats and data breaches are an everyday concern, the need to instil trust among your employees, business processes, and technologies is paramount. Establishing a strong foundation of trust will not only bolster your defence against cyber threats but will also fuel confidence in your overall strategy. Yet, trust is a…

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Human error: Your biggest cyber security risk – Guide

Small and medium-sized businesses are the most likely targets for all kinds of cyber attack. And the weakest link in your chain is your people. Good cyber security awareness training is critical – for everyone in your business. But first, you need a strategy. What’s your baseline level of security knowledge? What are the biggest…

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