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Collaboration tools are GREAT. But are they a security risk?

These days, the office is mostly a virtual place with tools like Teams, Slack, and Zoom. These platforms have completely changed the way we interact, enabling us to discuss sensitive topics, have meetings, share resources, and talk from the comfort of our own homes. Up until unwanted cyber intruders ruin the celebration, it’s a digital…

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Register to Watch: Cybersecurity in Australia Webinar | National PC Series

Venture into the depths of Australia’s cybersecurity landscape. National PC’s exclusive webinar reveals expert insights, latest updates, and tools to defend against cyber threats. Register now to uncover strategies vital for digital safety. Expert Insights: Comprehensive exploration of cybersecurity challenges in Australia. Exclusive Offer: An opportunity to benefit from our FREE IT & Cyber Security…

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How Can Cyber-Centric Managed Services Expand and Protect My Business in the Modern Digital Era?

As the founder and Managing Director of National PC, I frequently get questions about how technology, development, and security are intertwined. One thing is obvious from the interactions I’ve had with colleagues, business partners, and clients: there is a real need for a more comprehensive approach to IT. I want to respond directly to the…

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national pc is unique for the townsville and burdekin area header image
In what way is National PC unique compared to others in Townsville and the Burdekin Region?

Our Next-Gen Managed Services take a cyber-centric approach, empowering businesses in North Queensland to thrive and succeed in today’s multifaceted digital landscape. Though this may seem like mere marketing rhetoric, we at National PC are genuinely dedicated to enhancing and providing world-class services and innovative solutions. Ten years ago, our Founder and Managing Director, Leigh…

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Don’t Let Lack of Trust Derail Your Business

In a world where cybersecurity threats and data breaches are an everyday concern, the need to instil trust among your employees, business processes, and technologies is paramount. Establishing a strong foundation of trust will not only bolster your defence against cyber threats but will also fuel confidence in your overall strategy. Yet, trust is a…

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Human error: Your biggest cyber security risk – Guide

Small and medium-sized businesses are the most likely targets for all kinds of cyber attack. And the weakest link in your chain is your people. Good cyber security awareness training is critical – for everyone in your business. But first, you need a strategy. What’s your baseline level of security knowledge? What are the biggest…

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Is your business data at risk? Don’t take chances with old tech

When replacing old computers or external drives, it is important to address the proper disposal of data to avoid putting sensitive information at risk. Merely deleting data and getting rid of these devices can have serious consequences. Recent findings from a data recovery specialist’s study reveal that millions of deleted files can be recovered from…

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Here’s how cyber criminals try to hack your accounts while you sleep

Have you ever experienced frustration due to the overwhelming number of notifications from your multi-factor authentication (MFA) app? Well, cybercriminals are facing the same issue. They are capitalizing on “MFA fatigue” to exploit your valuable business data. MFA plays a crucial role in maintaining data security. It provides an additional layer of protection to your…

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