Computer Optimisation

Complete Computer Tune Up & Optimisation Services for Home and Businesses Throughout Townsville and North Queensland

Having a computer that is “slow” is one of the worst things that you can experience. It causes large amounts of stress due to the fact basically anything you do is now much slower. This could be anything from typing on Microsoft word, going on the internet, using software programs and much more. Some of the things that can cause your computer to run slow are not enough hardware space, left over programs, bad files, data corruption, and missing windows updates or drivers etc.

At National PC we can help fix all these problems. Our technicians have worked with thousands of machines that have been slow. We can trouble shoot to find out exactly what’s causing the problem and then repair the problem. We will have your computer back to normal, and in some cases even faster than you remember.

  • Optimizing start-up and registry
  • Running all necessary Windows Updates
  • Updating drives as needed
  • Preforming basic virus scans to monitor potential intrusions
  • Removing of temporary internet and operating system files
  • Cleaning inside of computer with compressed air