Data Protection Day 2018

Data Protection Day 2018

Data Protection Day is held on 28th of January, and we celebrate the 12th annual Data Protection Day – to mark the occasion, check the security of your digital accounts, and encourage others to do the same. Data Protection Day commemorates the signing of Convention 108, the first international treaty dealing with privacy and data protection, way back in 1981.

When you shop online, share pictures or post updates on social media, or sign-up to an app, you are sharing your personal information. You may think you have nothing to hide, but your information is valuable, and can even be dangerous in the wrong hands. This can include details such as your name, contact information and location. Some Internet of Things devices, such as wearable fitness trackers, can also collect health information.

It’s important to recognise what information you share online, and take steps to improve the security of your devices and digital accounts. So take privacy into your own hands today with the following six tips:

  1. Check the privacy settings on your devices and apps and change them to suit your privacy preferences
  2. Read privacy policies before you sign–up to, or use, an online service
  3. Check whether a website is secure before sharing your personal information (secure websites begin with ‘https’)
  4. Learn to recognise phishing attacks and avoid clicking on links in emails when you don’t recognise the sender
  5. Update your anti-malware and security software if it’s out of date
  6. Create strong, unique passwords for your devices and digital accounts. According to a study on 2016’s most common passwords, nearly 17% of people used ‘123456’ as a password — a password this simple is easy to crack!

Click here to download a Privacy Fact Sheet from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.