Create better passwords – from basic to best!

Strong passwords are your first line of defence against cybercriminals. Check out our top tips on creating strong passwords.

We access so many different online services every day that it’s easy to suffer password overload. It might be very tempting to use the same password across lots of accounts or event change a character here and there. The recent report by the US Government National Institute of Standards and Technology has revealed that you should remove the complexity requirements such as a password must have a number or special character and have a longer password instead.

Password length has been found to be a primary factor in characterizing password strength. Passwords that are too short yield to brute force attacks as well as to dictionary attacks using words and commonly chosen passwords.

The reason to protect your services with a secure password is to prevent cybercriminals from using it to commit a host of cybercrimes like:

  • sending emails from your accounts
  • withdrawing money from your bank accounts

The good news is that you can reduce the password burden and still have great password security if you follow our simple tips.

  • Change the default passwords on your devices. Many smart devices, printers and home internet routers from your ISP, come with default passwords, which are easily found on the internet by cybercriminals.
  • Don’t use your personal info in your passwords. Information such as your Date of Birth, children’s names and other personal information should not be used either online or offline as these are too easy to guess.
  • What is a secure password? You can make a great strong password with four random words that total up to 13 characters or more. Remember, the longer the password, the better.

It is vital that you don’t use the same password on any of your accounts.