Business Landline

Do you run a small business that requires nothing more than a basic office phone plan? Or perhaps yours is the type of business that makes a lot of calls and therefore demands greater certainty over costs?

Business-grade fixed line phone services for small business. Our call rates apply all day every day so you can call anywhere in Australia or overseas anytime. You can also add optional extras that are included in your monthly access fee such as Messagebank, Call Waiting, Call Return, 3-Way Chat, plus many more.

Our Plans


$31.95per month
  • Local Calls
    20c/call untimed
  • Standard National Calls
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  • Calls to Australian Mobiles
  • 13/1300 Calls
    45c/call untimed
  • Features

We’ve got extra features available too

Calling Number Display – $6.50 per month
This feature, used with a compatible handset, will display the phone number of the person calling you (excluding unlisted numbers and international callers).
Silent Number — $3.95 per month
Use this service if you do not wish your number to be displayed when making calls. Your phone number will also not be recorded in public phone directories.
Voice Mail – $6.50 per month
Allows you to have your own personalised answering service to take calls when you can’t.

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1. All prices quoted are including GST. 2. Minimum term for PSTN is 12 months and minimum term for ISDN is 12 months. 3. If you choose to cancel your service or it is disconnected for any reason within the contract term you will be charged an early termination fee as specified in the terms and conditions for the specific service contracted (PSTN or ISDN). 4. Value added services are not included in the offer and additional fees apply. 5. If porting your current phone number, portability must be assessed to guarantee it can be ported to the new address. Your current provider may charge you a porting away fee to port your number. 6. Fair Use Policy applies to included call usage. 7. NBN availability may require you to migrate to the NBN service. We are able to manage the migration for you, otherwise we are able to continue to provide your service up until you are required to disconnect. 8. If your telephone line is at an address within the ACT Government area including the Jervis Bay area of NSW, you may be charged an additional ACT Government Utilities Tax Charge. 9. Full Terms and Condition as per Application Form