Virtual Fax

Bring your fax solution into the 21st century with our fax to e-mail packages. Eliminate the need for bulky, problematic fax machines, while reducing costs, and saving the environment.

National PC™ can provide everything from a simple drop-in replacement for a traditional fax, to advanced fax routing with complete integration with your existing software and IT infrastructure.

No equipment is required for this service, everything can be operated from your existing computers, laptops, smartphones, iPad’s, tablet PC’s, or almost any device that supports e-mail or web browsing and PDF.


  • Send and receive multiple faxes at the same time
  • No need for a fax machine, everything is done on your computer
  • Delivery scheduling
  • Send to a single number, or broadcast to thousands
  • Delivery tracking and receipt confirmation
  • Built-in contact list and group management

Our Plans

Virtual Fax

$9.95per month
  • Plan Term
    There is no minimum contract term
  • Setup Fee
    $59 Setup Fee
  • Fax Usage Charges
    Received Fax - No Charge
    Send Fax - 15c each

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