IT Service Packs

No matter what the economic environment, businesses always need to undertake often complex and involved IT projects to increase business productivity and maintain competitive advantage.

Let National PC™ IT experts help you with those projects, cover staff shortages and be your on-call infrastructure team.

Customers can purchase time on a casual hourly basis, or as a pre-paid Service Pack. National PC™ IT Service Packs provide a more cost-effective alternative and ensure that you can get support quickly when you need it, without the delays involved in organising purchase orders or payments.


  • Pre-purchase blocks of hours – 10, 25, 50 or 100 hour blocks
  • Access to skilled and experienced resources.
  • Range of skills from system monitoring to network infrastructure.
  • Servicing Townsville and North Queensland

Stop throwing money away on technology that doesn’t give anything back to your business.

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