3 Reasons Why You Should Implement Web Filtering in the Workplace

The Internet, one of our most useful and revolutionary technologies, can also have a significant impact on staff productivity and security. Web Filtering, also known as a content filter, a web filter is an application that screens websites to determine whether the user can see them. A well-known content filter for home users is NetNanny; however, web filtering also plays a vital role in the workplace where it’s crucial for screening websites for malicious software and for optimising performance and blocking those time-wasting sites on the Internet, which there is no shortage of.

Staff spending hours on time-wasting sites add up to lost productivity and ultimately can add up to missed revenue. Web filtering helps you to limit these distractions by preventing access to specific websites.

#1. Improve Network Security

One of the first lines of defences against malware and other types of cyber attacks is web filtering services. These attacks come in different forms and can quickly start with seemingly innocuous links, pop-up windows, if clicked on by employees, leads them to dangerous websites filled with viruses and deceitful surveys designed to steal personal information including credentials.

Web filtering blocks known detected malicious websites and other harmful material to keep employees and the company network safe and secure.

#2. Increase Employee Productivity

Business owners may think a short, five-minute leisurely browsing session is relatively harmless; however, the numbers can add up. According to the latest research, employees could easily waste up to two hours a day visiting websites unrelated to their jobs.

Web filters help you avoid such massive time-wasting by denying access to these common distractions like social media, job search sites and online shopping services.

#3. Limit Company Liability

Web filtering is just not for employee time-wasting sites or network security, and there are also benefits in protecting your company from legal nightmares. For example, if an employee downloads illegally copyrighted material using the company network, companies can be liable for the data that is transferred to their systems.

Are you considering implementing web filtering within your organisation? Talk to National PC. We can help you navigate your questions and create a plan for a smooth launch of this critical tool.